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A Mother's Nature
My sweet children
May you gather around?
Take in the colours
Of the world that surrounds
Memory may grip you
But know not the pain
Of surrender to the World
Know my Will instead
My sweet children
I'll never lead you astray
I bore you; I shall raise you
Till death's door you meet
My sweet children
May you gather around?
Take in the sounds
That so abound
Know the grace
Of living without shackles
This I can grant you
If you choose to follow
My sweet children
I'll never send you away
I bore you; I shall raise you
Until Man takes me away                      
:iconmathiea:Mathiea 2 0
Understand Not Me
Understand not me
Nobody boast of comprehension
Tides ebb, take our knowledge
Take away from me
Everything I claim to own
Take away from me
Those I thought had cared
Take away from me
The innocence I dared
Take away from me
The youth I ensnared
Understand not me
Nobody boast of comprehension
The tides took away
Everything you knew
Of me
:iconmathiea:Mathiea 5 2
Forbidden Requiem
Drive the stake through my heart
But don't let the wound be clean
Twist it through, cause jagged pain
Until my grasp is severed
Bring disquiet to my soul
With your every look and touch
Spur me forth with your wicked tongue
Make me weep for Rest
This bittersweet agony I cannot bear
The wish to cry is overwhelming
Yet no sound my lips may let
For my grief is your pleasure
No Rest is found in Disquiet
This claim you've staked on my soul
Is just to much to bear
And I wonder . . .    
If Release shall ever be granted to me
:iconmathiea:Mathiea 4 9
The ringing of my screaming has echoed
In my ears for years
The blood that spattered down my dress
Doesn't haunt me
The pain that ripped through me
Doesn't cause me tears
But the child I was holding
I do weep for
I know not if she was real,
Yet I loved her
I sheltered her in my arms,
Just a mother
I held her as I died,  
And I wonder . . .  
What became of my child?  
My sweet baby girl . . .    
The love of my life;  
The one I lived for;                                
The one I died for
It's been centuries since then
I tried to find some record
Of the truth that I had lived
The cellar that I died in --  
Does it remain today?
Do my bones, now dust, still lie there?  
Did my sweet baby girl die in my arms?    
I've never found a record,
Not a whisper
I know not if I existed
But I'm haunted to this day
:iconmathiea:Mathiea 4 3
Supernun by Mathiea Supernun :iconmathiea:Mathiea 3 3 Auriahn the Aisha by Mathiea Auriahn the Aisha :iconmathiea:Mathiea 2 0 Dying Diamond by Mathiea Dying Diamond :iconmathiea:Mathiea 0 0
Write Me a Letter
Write me a letter,
Sign it with haste,
Tell me you never cared  
Tell me the story of what you've become,
Tell me you're married,
You've a house and children,
And all the money you deserve
Tell me you're happy,
Wax me poetic of all life's joys
Tell me you love her,
Anything to avert this shame  
I've spent so many nights thinking,
So many nights hoping for you  
My fear was our undoing,
Our parting my regret,  
Yet I can't stop loving you  
Write me a letter,  
And sign it with haste  
Anything to stop the longing
Write me a letter,  
And sign it with love
And I'll come right to you  
:iconmathiea:Mathiea 1 0
Return to Dust
Embers fade from glowing color,
Breathe life back into the flames.
Cool of night draws ever nearer,
Stark 'gainst warm of the flames.  
Casting doubt on eternity,
The fire grows dimmer,
The light does fade.  
Dust of life stays but for a day.  
Mark a child with ash from the fire,
Tell them a riddle such
They remember from dust they came,  
So they shall return.  
:iconmathiea:Mathiea 0 4
Harsh was the wind that battered the face of the lichened stone. At times the wind would let up, the wind completely stilled or at least its intensity greatly diminished, and the stone would find a reprieve. Never did the reprieve last long, for if the stone were to no longer feel the brutal whipping of the wind's rushing, likely was it that the stone would feel the battering influence of a wave of water crashing over it, exacerbating the fine and extensive fissures that marred its complexion.  
Storm clouds gathered and multiplied with frightening quickness, and darkness settled in the river and on the oft-abused stone. The wind intensified, and the waves began to move to and fro, gaining height as the storm continued. One wave, then another, slammed into the stone and ignored the groans of shifting rock. The waves continued, slamming again and again into the face of the stone and ignoring its desperate pleas for a respite. As the storm began to wear down, one wave taller and mor
:iconmathiea:Mathiea 1 11
Shut the door and let it in,
The wind that follows from behind you
Close the blinds and let them fall,
Smashing wasps that chose the sill for dying
Fall to pieces, let your worries overcome you --
No one can see the shaking that tears through you
Take a breath, let it course right through you,  
Whisper amends you cannot voice
The tension in your veins must be released,  
Something has to give, let's hope it isn't you.
Let's hope it isn't you.  
Shut the door and close the blinds,
Draw them tight;
Fall to pieces, the memoirs of your life
Take a breath and hold them up to the light
Can you breathe in the darkness?  
This tension in your veins must be released,
Something has to give, let's hope it isn't you.  
Let's hope it isn't you.  
Draw the blinds and let the light in,  
Let it flood your soul, memori'lize you,
Let it melt and renew you.
Glass fragments mend, bearing no resemblance
To the past, a scarred existence;
The memory of you is new
And you
:iconmathiea:Mathiea 1 3
Cry not for the river that languishes softly;  
Cry for the children who wish to eat bread
Grown from the river that languishes, dead.  
:iconmathiea:Mathiea 1 2

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Hello, I'm Renee.

I write poetry, stories, and vignettes. I also do a fair bit of drawing, and plan on submitting some of my visual artwork in addition to written pieces.  

I do like to experiment with various writing styles, and you may notice this in some of my works.  

My visual works are likely to center on the natural world, nerdery, nuns or religious imagery, or may be portraits. Many may be abstract.  

I have a bit (ha!) of an obsession with DC comics, and I'm especially fond of Superman. And Batman, but it's Superman that usually gets more of my attention -- I go on Batman binges often, though. ^_^


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United States


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